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How It All Began

Growing up abroad and the youngest of eight kids, I yearned to broaden my horizon and be independent. After finishing a management degree in college, I decided to take a leap of faith by myself and expand on a journey to The City – NYC. 

Now, living and working in Manhattan, I promised to stay on track with my health and wellness and adopt an all-natural, healthy lifestyle. I can’t afford to be sick living alone in The City. 

My passion for beauty and fashion, fitness, and a positive mindset has led me to create a blog to share my over 20 years of knowledge, expertise, and experience on these subjects.

Over the years, I have studied and worked as a makeup artist and skincare professional for many mainstream cosmetic brands in high-end department stores in the industry, running an online home-based business and some side businesses. 

Working from anywhere and living a work-life balance have always been my dream. Ideally, it’s happening ! Shall I also say I’m a product of my product. 

Join me as I share tips and valuable information on everything I have learned as I build a community of like-minded individuals.