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Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides are Vital Proteins for Beauty and Personal Care

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Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides are vital for everyday beauty and personal care. What’s the buzz about collagen, marine collagen in particular? Marine collagen now quickly becoming a must-have for beauty and personal care. More and more people want to implement marine collagen in a more efficient way out of every drop. This abundant vital protein makes up 1/3 of our body’s protein composition. For the most part, collagen acts as building blocks of bones, skin, connective tissues, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Without collagen, it’s like a building with a weak foundation. It acts as the glue that put all our organs together in place. Well, let’s find out what really happens when collagen levels decrease. Studies show that when we are losing collagen we lose our skin elasticity, form wrinkles, wounds heal more slowly, tendons and ligaments are stiffer, lose flexibility, and our muscle mass decreases thus becoming weaker. Do these sound familiar? Well as many may think that collagen may just concern only the skin, marine collagen vital proteins encompass more than beauty care. Cartilage wears down, and you may also develop joint pain or osteoarthritis, intestinal lining gets thinner, and thin or flat-looking hair, and nail gets weak when you don’t take any vital marine collagen proteins for your personal care.

How can we naturally build collagen?

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As we age, our body naturally makes less collagen. The slow-down starts in the mid-to-late 20s. It is a natural aging known as intrinsic aging when cell structures weaken. Now, Collagen-chasing isn’t only something for the middle-aged any longer. These days as a result of expert-approved mind-blowing advice from a few dermatologists, people in their 20s and early 30s are starting to pay attention to taking marine collagen vital proteins for beauty and personal care.

Have you heard of Collagen Banking?

When I first heard of it, I thought whoa I guess it’s too late for me! Then I realized while continuing to read that I’ve done some good things along the way that is, drinking marine collagen vital proteins for my beauty and personal care. Collagen banking refers to the idea of boosting collagen production now (in your 20s and early 30s) so your body will have more of it later – when your skin begins to show signs of aging. Collagen banking isn’t removing collagen from your body to save for later use. It is really more to be proactive in taking care of your skin from the inside out in your 20s. Thus, drinking marine collagen vital proteins for your beauty and personal care.

“We have a finite amount of elastin, and largely this can’t be stimulated to regrow,” notes Dr. Melanie Palm, a San Diego–area dermatologist and assistant clinical professor at the University of California, San Diego. “It’s about investing in your skin now—doing things to encourage collagen growth and protecting against UV damage.”

You want to create the strongest skin foundation possible while your skin cells are still functioning optimally. Drink marine collagen vital proteins now. When you start sooner the less damage there is that has to be undone and the more these good habits can work toward building and maintaining collagen.

What type of food can we eat to boost Collagen in our bodies?

Eating foods rich in Vitamin C, amino acids and antioxidants helps boost collagen. Examples of these foods include Bone Broth, Fish with the Skin On, Chicken, Shellfish, Egg Whites, Citrus fruits, Berries, Tropical fruits, Garlic, Leafy Greens, Beans, Cashews, Tomatoes, and Bell peppers.

To Supplement or To Eat?

“Diet plays a surprisingly large role in the appearance and youthfulness of your skin,” says certified holistic nutritionist Krista Goncalves, CHN. “And that all comes down to collagen.” That is making marine collagen part of your beauty and personal care.

Our body mainly consists of type I, II, and III collagen. This type of collagen gives skin its structure, suppleness, and stretch. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen in our skin every year. Thus, we are prone to see wrinkles and thinning skin the older we get.

Yes, we get it. This explains the boom of collagen supplements endorsed in our social feeds and store shelves these days. But are collagen pills, powders, or liquid vital proteins the best route? The key difference may be down to bioavailability — the body’s ability to use a nutrient.

Research suggests that liquid form gets into the bloodstream at a 100% when taken orally as opposed to tablet form. While there are different forms of collagen supplements, don’t just grab any product off the shelf. Choose the more efficient, bioavailable form, hydrolyzed peptides that are easily broken down by the body when compared to others.

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What Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides Taste Like?

Finally, I found based on many trials before from different brands, Forever Marine Collagen™ has a tart, berry flavor that you can conveniently drink right from the sachet. It couldn’t be easier to promote skin hydration and texture that I noticed dramatically in my skin, nails, and hair.

In addition to marine-based collagen, there’s also added black pepper extract for a powerful antioxidant along with vitamin C, goji berries, and green tea extract to help protect your skin and fight free radicals. Forever Marine Collagen™ delivers zinc and biotin to play a role in healthy skin, nails, and hair.

Zinc also pairs perfectly with collagen because both ingredients have been shown to support the maintenance of connective tissues in the joints and skin.

Let’s Drink to Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides vital proteins!

You may have taken some collagen supplements or put on some cream collagen in the past.


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