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Spring Fashion 2023 Vibes Shifting to Maximalism and Self-Expression

Spring fashion 2023 is in full bloom! Even if people think it’s way too much, that’s the fun of fashion. The current mood is taking on a vibe shift. We have been so cooped up the past years, now is the time for self-expression, viva voce! It’s all about expressing your individualism putting on some layers with everything and anything in bold colors, disco glitz, lace, ruffles, army-inspired, and even goth and grunge style is back.

Maximalism is pushing the boundaries and making them your own. Fashion has gotten to be more creative in terms of self-expression this Spring fashion 2023. Spring is the season when we are out and about to show the world. A time that we can’t wait to just go out fashionably and strut our stuff. 

image from vogue maximalism spring fashion 2013
Image from Vogue

Spring 2023 Fashion Trends

When we talk about Maximalism also means oversized everything. In fact, Gen Z ruled the skinny jean out of their choice. I see women wear oversized blazers, extra large shirts with matching bell bottom pants, and expanding even more like those flared bottoms and wide-leg jeans. I thought whoa those were the ones worn by my brothers in the 70s that they felt looked so cool! 

Spring fashion 2023 runway show

Oh fashion, 2023 trend: Cutouts

While I was shopping at some high-end department stores in Manhattan I see these cutouts. Creativity has translated to look more like clothes that my grandmother was preparing a pattern for a dress that she was about to sew! You see the threads from the outside with hem cutouts. 

Maxi-dresses are out Minidresses and Skirts are In! 

i am at the Yves Saint Lauren fashion show

Maximalism also means micro miniskirts are back with a vengeance! Micro miniskirts are self-expressions of maximalism in their underlying essence. It was during the 1960s when this trend was popularized by supermodels and became viral.

Now to the generation who helped invent the trend who are now in their 60s or 70s hey fashion is revolving. As long as you can take ownership you shouldn’t be deprived especially if you’ve got some killer legs.

If miniskirts represent, as Mary Quant often credited with inventing the miniskirt—it was her design that Twiggy wore claimed, sex, freedom, movement, and being alive, then they don’t belong to any generation or age group.

“If you’re not going to wear it at 50, 60, 70,” asks McIntosh, fashion designer “when are you going to wear it?”

When More is More In Fashion.

busayonyc spring fashion 2023

Maximalists want to keep their spaces current and stylish. They also tend to get bored quickly. As their interests evolve, so does their style.

New Yorkers camouflage the streets with all kinds of talents, and celebrities while simply walking everywhere. While at work I casually ran into Busayo the designer of these beautiful vibrant pieces worn by celebrities, fashion models, and fashionistas alike. Just right on time while I’m writing about this blog which is apropos with the maximalism Spring 2023 trend.

A great testament to power, culture, and community building through vision, art, and design. Inspired by her African roots, Busayo was born in Boston, MA, and is of Nigerian descent. She works mostly with artisans from her community who take pride in creating original patterns and designs from different tribes. Paying homage to ancestors and experts in their culture and history. With persistence, belief, and determination her clothes are now carried by top department stores i.e. Saks, Neiman, and Nordstrom.

Catwalk shoes for Spring 2023 trends

Walking city like New York displays a show of fashion you need not go to the runway . The streets are filled with chameleons transformed into different looks of the season . Shoes are always a big thing in a walking city like the Big Apple! You can never have enough, yeah right, great ! 

Different feet in a myriad of styles and sizes! This spring 2023 there’s plenty of athletic styles that you can wear with your jeans or summer dresses and outfits. Platform sneakers are on trend or sculptural heels for a pump, sandals or slip-on. Well Ballerina shoes still hasn’t gone out of style this spring. 

 spring fashion 2023 and shoes trends

Like how we feel is how we like to dress. This spring 2023 fashion trend is bespoke to your style. Self-expression is in so you are!


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