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Self-Awareness is Key


Self-awareness is one thing that I did not have. In my early years in NYC by myself in my early 20s from thousands of miles across the globe. All I got was some courage. I wasn’t fully self-aware of what I was getting myself into. My mother would blame that rebel streak on me. However, prior to my travel, I promised her that I won’t cause her any problems when I go by myself to The City. 

‘ If I can make it there, I’m gonna make it anywhere ‘…

When I arrived in NY, all I thought about was I needed to find a job in order for me to sustain myself during my 6 months of stay in the Big Apple. Thanks to my network of friends who are in the City who guided me along the way during my days when I was lost in translation. It was during those times that I was fully aware that friends are truly a treasure to keep and it takes one to be one. By and large, the City is complex, busy, and challenging. I didn’t want to completely depend on my friends and relatives in order to survive. Let alone they too have their own daily lives to lead.

First off, I thought the most prudent way to live by yourself in the city is to be healthy and fit. This way you will be able to do what you want and reach what you aspire to. You need to be aware of what your body needs both physically and spiritually.


My choices are empowered when my self-awareness changes. 

I began to realize based on my observations that the more you think quality thoughts meaning you carry a positive identity about who you are, the lighter your attitude gets.  Ever wish you harness your power the quickest way? Be alert about the quality of your thoughts, and self-awareness. Your feelings, perception, speech, and actions will change immediately in a NY second!

When you become self-aware thru constant daily practice you will discover that you are more productive each day. Your choices will be more relevant to what makes you feel safe and healthy.


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