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The Latest Bridal Shower Fashion Trends That Everyone’s Buzzing About

Imogene in lavender dress holding a designer lavender handbag

Bridal shower fashion trends are buzzing around, not really about what everyone is wearing. Rather as we know, bridal shower is a very special event for the bride-to-be prior to the wedding day. There is a lot of thought and planning that goes into these events. It is one of those fun and casual activities prepared by the friends of the bride that will make her feel special and pampered. 

Experts agree that bridal showers are getting more detailed and more with personal touches in 2023. Bridal shower fashion trends are still games and the opening of gifts may still be a thing, trends on the rise now display more towards achieving Instagrammable signage and decor, personally branded party favors, and on-theme cocktails just to name a few. Most importantly, these events are favoring the bride’s personality above all.

Always Add Your Personal Touches When Following Bridal Shower Fashion Trends

While the whole event may be so much fun, the process may somewhat be daunting. Every detail aligns to be on theme and with the bride-to-be in mind. In short, it’s personalized from the location, menu, fizzy signature cocktails, and games. People are now ‘branding’ their events. 

bridal shower fashion trends in 2023 magenta dinner table

Be Brave to Use Bright & Bold Colors for Your Bridal Shower

The theme of your bridal shower will set the tone for the entire event. The trends in 2023, celebrate all hues, bright and cheery colors think of magenta, corals, and yellow. It is taking over the neutral trend, though we still consider it a classic that is now outmoded for a beat.  Maximalism has a big part of this design direction. From the decors, balloons, bouquets, arches, fun tablecloths, and napkins all in a playful style and design. 

Once you have decided on a theme, choose decor that matches your vision and complements the venue. The decoration is one of the most important aspects of a successful bridal shower. Every detail should be carefully thought-out from table settings and centerpieces, chairs, covers, menu, and programs.

An Intimate Fete With a Trendy Fashion Statement

Self-expression plays a special consideration during this bridal shower in 2023. It is as big as how brides-to-be these days prefer smaller guest lists. What’s trending is more intimate, and easier to splurge more on every detail. Also, more camaraderie among the small group in a more familiar locale. 

Glam Outdoor Bridal Shower Picnic
Afternoon tea party that fallows bridal shower fashion trends

Afternoon tea. A traditional British afternoon tea party in Wonderland concept with a selective focus on the red velvet heart cake. Sugar-glazed cookies in fairy tales concept are scattered on the table.

People are In for the Latest Bridal Shower Fashion Trends

Bridal shower at SUmmit with fun bridal shower fashion trends

While I have experienced the typical sitting room showers, lately, I have been part of a fun Bridal shower for my best friend. It was a destination shower for her coming to New York City where I am.

Guests came from different states to celebrate though the group was small and easier to handle, thus intimate.

“We’re seeing a great mix of at home bridal showers, chic resto venues, and destination celebrations in 2023,” says Kristine of Simply Charming Socials, Atlanta, GA.“

Showers have gone from sitting rooms to outdoors: poolside, on verandahs, and even to the rooftop. Some opt for private rooms at top restaurants or rented Airbnb that are great for entertaining. Since venues vary for bridal showers, everyone has a different budget to consider and hosts should also pay attention as well as guest count, space, and style when choosing a locale.


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